Real Estate Pricing

Laser Measuring*
• for 2D floor plan : 100€ until 75m², 20€ per additional 25m²
• for 2D/3D floor plan : 140€ until 75m², 28€ per additional 25m²
* We offer a 25% discount if the measurements are taken along with a photo session. Laser measuring isn’t necessary if you already have a floor plan.

Interactive Floor Plan
• 2D : 50€ until 75m², 10€ per additional 25m²
• 2D/3D : 75€ until 75m², 15€ per additional 25m²
• Adding information and photographs : 25€

Virtual Home Staging
• 50€ per photo, discount on quantity

Pricing for Agencies. We offer special advantages to real estate agencies with whom we work on a regular basis.

Standard vs Premium Retouching. All photographs are individually treated as follows: geometry, white balance, color and levels. For an already very good result. Premium retouching adds specific corrections in order to achieve the utmost result, in both lights and shadows.

Virtual Tour? Aerial Photography? Contact us with your specific needs and we’ll be happy to help.