Portrait Pricing

Prints (small sizes)
10x15cm (4″x6″) : 2,50€ / 1 credit
15x20cm (6″x8″) : 5€ / 2 credits
20x30cm (8″x12″) : 10€ / 4 credits


Exceptional Color Prints
40x60cm (16″x24″) : 75€
60x90cm (24″x36″) : 150€

Black & White Piezography* Prints
40x60cm (16″x24″) : 100€
60x90cm (24″x36″) : 200€

Contact us for your fine art printing needs.
* Pure carbon pigments for an exceptional black & white print.

* We mostly take care of ID photos for complicated cases: newborns, elderly, handicapped, hospitalized. Which explains our premium fee, since the job isn’t simple. We also take care of entire families, which can offer you significant discounts. The price includes the digital file, which you can use for additional prints.

Good to know: we are equipped to print your photos for any country.