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7th of September, 2016, Paris • We covered the entire day for Fondation Centaure, a one of a kind scientific network dedicated to organ transplantation.

Morning: reportage of the conference “Apprendre à Recevoir”, MAS Paris

Evening : reportage and installation of a photo studio with onsite printing, black tie gala dinner, Atrium AXA Matignon

We hired Jérôme Aoustin to immortalize our day: a conference in the morning, and a gala in the evening. The portraits of our guests (installation of a photo studio with immediate onsite printing on photo paper and polaroid), the second part of his work, were a success. The very high quality of his photographs, combined with very professional discretion and patience, made Jérôme Aoustin a very appreciated photographer. I recommend him without hesitation!

Juliette L.

Communication assistant, Fondation Centaure